Magic Delivered

Imagine the look on the children’s faces when a real life Elf sends them a personalised video!

Please take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions if you would like to know more about our visits.

  • How long will the virtual visit last?

    Our virtual elf video lasts around 10-12 minutes.

  • What happens during the visit?

    During the virtual visit the children will get an insider view of the North Pole, they’ll meet Mrs Claus, magical Elves and see ‘behind the scenes’ of all of the Christmas preparations.

  • Are the visits personalised?

    You can secure a personalised visit by booking and paying for your visit before the 18th of November for FREE, if you would like your visit personalised past this point then we can arrange this for a charge of £30 per video.

  • When will we receive the books?

    We aim to have your books wrapped and dispatched by our elves and sent to your school within 21 days of your payment clearing (please note for cheque payment that we will need the cheque to clear before we dispatch your books).

  • When will we receive our video?

    We will send your video within 21 days of payment clearing. We always aim to send out quicker than this, however each personalised video needs to be rehearsed, filmed and edited before being sent to you so it can take a little time to work this magic.

    If you have not opted for a personalised video then we can get your video sent out much quicker.

  • How much is the virtual elf visit?

    The elf visit is free. There is no charge, the only cost is the cost of the wrapped book for each child, which we offer for just £1.50. The books normally retail at between £ 3.99 and £9.99 each.

  • Is the visit suitable for older children?

    Yes, our visits are suitable for all ages, we find that the older children like to experience the elf visit with their younger siblings and even if they are ‘non believers’ they love to get involved in the jokes, magic and stories.

  • We have children with special needs, is that ok?

    Of course, children with SEN will be able to access the virtual visit fully, if they need different books then we have a space for you to record those on our booking form.

  • Can I add additional children at a later date?

    No. Once your order is complete, we cannot amend it. If in doubt, please overestimate your numbers in the form.

  • Who are the elves?

    Our elves are professional actors who have experience of entertaining children and large groups.

  • Can we watch the video on a specific date?

    Yes of course, you can watch the virtual visit whenever you choose, whether that’s in assembly or in classrooms or sent to children at home if they have to self isolate.

  • What gift do the children get?

    The children all get a story book/ novel. These are all suitable for their age, gender and key stage. We have collated our collection of books with advice from primary school teachers to make sure that they suit the reading levels of the children.

  • What kind of books do they get?

    We use high quality books from top publishers such as Usborne, Hachette and Penguin. The books are all suitable for the reading level of the year group of the children. Please click here to see a sample of our books.

  • Can we have a visit without the books?

    In short, no. The money that we get from the publishing companies is how we pay our elves, so I’m afraid we cannot offer a free visit without the children receiving the book. If you’d like a visit without books, please get in touch for a quote.

  • Do you have a minimum number of children?

    We have a minimum of 30 children.

  • How can you afford to not charge?

    We don’t charge for our visits, only for the books. We get a small amount of commission from the publishing companies for buying such large quantities of books and this enables us to pay our elves.

  • Are you affiliated with a religious group?

    No, not at all. Our assembly performances are completely focused on the magic of Christmas and we have no religious affiliation.

  • We have a very multicultural school community; will the visit still be suitable?

    All children regardless of their culture, ethnicity or religion enjoy our elf visits. Our visits don’t focus on the ‘Christian Christmas story’ but instead on the magic of the North Pole and Christmas.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We cover the entire UK.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    The only added cost is the courier fee of £20 which ensures that your books are delivered to school safely with one of our trusted couriers, ready for your elf’s arrival.

  • How will the books come packaged?

    The books will arrive in individual recyclable National Elf Service bags. Each will be sealed with a sticker indicating which year group it is for.

  • Are the books gender neutral?

    We aim for all of our books to be gender neutral. However, this is not always possible which is why we ask for the boys/girls numbers incase there is a gender bias in the book.