Virtual Elf Visits

Streaming live from The North Pole, The National Elf Service is opening it’s doors for an exclusive virtual elf visit personalised to your school!

Treat the children to one of our FREE virtual elf visits. We offer a pre-recorded elf visit complete with a full tour of Santa’s workshop and the opportunity to see where their letters go and where the toys are made followed by a fully personalised elf visit.

Our elves will enchant and entertain the children with stories of The North Pole and spread the joy of Christmas through magic tricks, silly songs and oodles of laughter. At the end of the performance the children will be delighted to hear that their teachers have a special gift direct from Santa’s workshop just for them. A wrapped book for every child will be sent to the school well in advance of the visit, ready for the children to excitedly unwrap.

The visit is completely FREE, the only cost to the school is the children’s wrapped book for just £1.50 each. The books are heavily discounted and arrive pre-wrapped meaning that each child gets a book which normally retails at between £3.99 and £9.99 each. You can see an example of the books the children will receive here.

Make sure you book early, we have very limited slots and our elves get booked up very quickly.

How it works

Contact Mrs Claus to book your virtual visit
If you're opting for a personalised visit then we'll send you a questionnaire where we’ll ask questions like; who is a cheeky teacher? What have the children achieved this year? What Christmas traditions are happening? You can also tell us anything else you’d like our elf to mention
You tell us exactly how many books you’ll need for each age/ year group and we get to work wrapping great quality books suitable for the children’s reading level

We will send you an invoice for the books and then once paid we'll send you all of the books you’ll need within 21 days

We'll send your video to you, ready to enchant the children (and teachers!)